The KU View Podcast: Episode 39 – SZN 2 Debut // Summer Basketball & Zenger Firing

The KU View Podcast is back for Season 2! In this first episode, we return to talk about all of the things that have occurred since the Final Four run. During the offseason, there is a lack of KU news but Cameron and I can’t help but continue to do podcasts. In this episode, we got a little off track and talked some Royals baseball and NBA Playoffs. We are very excited to be back and will continue to put out occasional episodes as more news comes out during the summer. Talking points included:

  • NBA Draft news: who’s coming back and who’s gone?
  • FBI investigation
  • Zenger firing
  • Royals aren’t good
  • Lebron James is

You can listen here:

SoundCloud – Season 2, Episode 1

iTunes – Season 2, Episode 1

As always, thanks for listening and Rock Chalk!

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