Keys to Victory – Kansas State

As we finish up K-State Hate Week today, it’s imperative that we finish on top. K-State gave us a scare here in Lawrence last year, but assuming we follow these keys to victory, we will emerge victorious.

1. Don’t Boo

This is important. When you boo them, it hypes them up. They feed off of it. Laughing is the way to go. Let them know what they do is comical. They get laughed at enough on their own campus, and it can’t be any different here.

2. Silvio De Sousa

While sitting here typing this up, we got news Silvio has been cleared and will be in uniform. Expect him to get 10-15 minutes off the bench and no more than 6 points. He will be in for short spurts to provide rest for Dok. He’ll grab rebounds, but don’t expect a ton of offensive production. He was only playing high school ball three weeks ago.

3. I’m too hyped for Silvio to come up with anything else.

Sorry not sorry. It’s game time.

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