Keys to Victory – Iowa State

This is a new series I’d like to start while waiting for games to start inside of Allen Field House. Here I will be giving my main keys for the Jayhawks to emerge victorious.

1. Stadium Music

This is going to be pivotal in the outcome of the game tonight. First of all, no more Thunderstruck. It didn’t work against Washington, Arizona State, or Texas Tech. The music is supposed to get in the opponents heads and get the crowd into the game, but the crowd will be in it no matter what. Play Classical music or smooth Jazz. It’s the only way to really get in their heads. Do you know how hard it is to draw up plays while Beethoven is blaring in the back? Pretty damn hard.

2. Ineligible Players

If you don’t already know, neither Billy nor Silvio have been cleared. But neither have the Lawson’s or Charlie Moore. If I counted right, that’s a full 5 man team. Once again, I’d like to suggest mind games. If we can find a way to put them in the game wearing everyone else’s uniforms, it will cause mass confusion. Iowa State doesn’t have a game plan for those studs, and I highly doubt the refs will notice. They’re usually too busy with their heads in their own rear ends to actually watch the game.

3. Dunking

This team has become known for its 3-point shooting and it’s deadly perimeter shooting, but every player we have, even James Sosinski, can dunk. If the game plan is to ONLY dunk for the entire game, Allen will become electric and there’s a very good chance the Cyclones literally shit their pants. I know I’m not a professional coach, but if we can execute those 3 keys to the game, there’s no doubt we will emerge from this game victorious.

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