The Day I Became A Twitter Meme

“Do you want to do something really funny for me,” my friend asked. She was going to make a sign that said “Pay the Band” and asked if I would hold it for the final home game against Oklahoma.

Of course I said yes, but as I was sitting at the basketball game the night before, I was trying to come up with something to go on the back side when I had the idea to joke about getting blown out by OU. That was when I was informed the back side was navy blue and couldn’t be written on.

It was too late though. The seeds had been sown. I tried to capture the feeling I was struggling to articulate for a majority of the football season when I realized that simply thinking about it made me sad. So I drove to the store, bought the poster board, and created the sign. One side said “I am happy” (just in case), and the second sign said “Pay the Band.”

I held the band sign for most of the game, attempting to make it on the Jumbotron in order to get a loud cheer from the band and raise awareness for an EXTREMELY worthy cause when the crowd-systems man asked me not to hold the sign up high anymore. It was blocking people’s view of an empty field during a timeout.

So, when the game really got out of hand, my friends decided to leave, and there was no one around to have their vision blocked, I pulled out the sign. It was getting laughs from some people around me, but I never imagined what was about to happen.

A friend sent me a picture they got from their TV. Another one sent me a screenshotted Snapchat. And then I got on Twitter. I saw the tweet from @barstoolKU ( first, and then I saw it from @RockChalkBlog (

Now if you’ve been to a game at Memorial Stadium you know, phone reception is very spotty. It went dead for about 2 minutes before all hell broke loose. Sports Center tweeted it. Game over. In less than an hour I went from sad, cold, lonely Kansas Football fan to full-blown Twitter meme.

I guess the moral of my story is pretty simple. It’s okay to make fun of yourself and be okay with Kansas Football being bad. I have nothing but love for this team despite them not being very good. As I’ve said before, my goal is to be a student equipment manager for this team. It’s my dream job. I will support them no matter what, and if someone wants to rip on them I will defend them like my life counts on it. But it’s okay to make some jokes about the program and be lighthearted. Like it or not, it’s what we have and it’s what we’re stuck with. Buckle up, Jayhawks, we’ve still got one more game to go.


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