Should Beaty Be Held Solely Responsible for Kansas Football Right Now?

Kansas Football’s Head Coach David Beaty said something that became pretty controversial on Twitter. His remarks about Iowa State and TCU having upperclassmen numbers in the 40’s compared to Kansas Football’s 8 created a pretty interesting debate Monday morning.

Just like every single thing I say about Kansas Football, I want to make this clear. I DO NOT like losing, I do not like my team being the laughing stock of the entire country, and I do want things to change. I am in the same boat as everyone else, but the situation at this school goes a lot deeper than a two year rebuild.

Dorance Armstrong, Bobby Hartzog, Derrick Neal, Steven Sims, Josh Ehambe, Denzel Feaster, Emmanuel Moore, Tyrone Miller Jr, Taylor Martin, Joe Dineen, Osaze Ogbebor, Jacob Bragg, Larry Hughes, Ben Johnson, Jeremiah Booker, and Daniel Wise.

This is the list of players on Kansas’ roster that has been at KU for their entire career and touched the field at all this season that are Juniors or Seniors. That is sixteen guys and only three of them are Seniors. The majority of them on the roster are sophomores. There are a handful of transfer juniors who are in their first year with the program.

Now if you ask me, those numbers aren’t great. Kansas football is finally back up to respectability in number of scholarships this year, but that doesn’t magically make them good. Even if Beaty was off or skewed the numbers when comparing this team to TCU or Iowa State, 16 compared to 45 or 43 is quite a big difference. If we check back in two years down the road, this team will be in the same position as those other schools, and we won’t have a team of boys playing against men, it will be men vs. men. If at that point, there is still no progress, then you can go ahead and fire Beaty, but until then, he has to stay.

Coordinators are a different story. Coordinators draw up and call the plays. If Bowen or DeForest just aren’t getting the job done, it’s far easier to plug a new coordinator into the system than to rebuild around a new head coach. As far as Zenger goes, well that’s another discussion for another time. But as far as Head Coach David Beaty goes, firing him now would be premature and even more deadly than keeping him around for another two to three seasons until his contract is up.

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