2017 Kansas Football Uniform Prediction

I’m gonna admit it. There is something about uniforms that I love. Especially when they have Kansas written across the chest. I know some people out there don’t like different combinations of uniforms every game or simply don’t care what the team is sporting when they trot out onto the field. If that’s you, that’s okay, however, this article may not be for you. I’m about to take a look at the upcoming season and make predictions on what the uniforms might be for this upcoming season.

*For the sake of this article I will explain the format. If I type blue/red/grey, I am referring from top to bottom. That would be blue helmets, red jerseys, and grey pants.

Game 1 – SEMO

The SouthEast Missouri Redhawks come into Lawrence Week 1. KU has gone with a trend since 2013 of wearing blue during the debut. In 2013 we came out in a White/Blue/White combo, 2014 was Red/Blue/White, and the past two seasons has been Blue/Blue/Blue. SEMO will most likely show up in black helmets, white jerseys, and white pants. For this reason, I’m guessing we will stick with the all blue trend for the opener.

Official Prediction – Blue/Blue/Blue

What I Want – White/Blue/White

Game 2 – Central Michigan

Last time Central Michigan was in Lawrence we saw a very standard uniform game. Kansas came out in a White/Blue/White and Central Michigan came out in Maroon/White/Maroon. This might seem boring, but it’s not too far-fetched to think we may see the exact same thing, following last year’s second week uniforms in an exact pattern.

Official Prediction – White/Blue/White

What I Want – Blue/Blue/White

Game 3 – Ohio

This is the first road game of the year, so clearly we will be wearing white tops. I personally think that the all white stormtrooper look is best during the day games, but I believe Ohio will pull out their classic White/Green/White combo at home. This leads me to think that we will put some of our other colors into the rotation for this game. Pictures of recruits online have shown a lot of red in the uniforms, and I think that’s a hint of what we’ll see this year.

Official Prediction – White/White/Blue

What I Want – Red/White/Blue

Game 4 – West Virginia

If you follow the Kansas Football Snapchat, you may have seen that there was a vote for which uniforms would be worn during the Jayhawks For A Cure game. The options were Blue/Blue/Grey, White/Blue/White, All Blue, Red/Blue/White, and All Red.

Official Prediction – All Red

What I Want  – Red/Blue/White

Game 5 – Texas Tech

I feel like this should be fairly simple. It has been announced that we will have a separate alternate uniform once a year. Last season, the “Limestone” uniforms were worn for Homecoing against Oklahoma State. This year, Texas Tech is the Homecoming game. I believe we will see the return of the “Limestone” uniforms on October 7th.

Official Prediction – Limestone

What I Want – Limestone

Game 6 – Iowa State

Traveling to Iowa State means a lot of Red in Aimes. Perfect time to wear blue on the road. We have very few mixtures that can work for this game without repeating a combo, however. This would be a great time to see the return of an old classic combination.

Official Prediction – White/White/White

What I Want – Blue/White/White

Game 7 – TCU

We travel back to Fort Worth for a matchup with the purple and grey colored Horned Frogs. We have worn the Red/White/Red combination a couple of times on the road lately, and this is a perfect opportunity to use that once again.

Official Prediction – Red/White/Red

What I Want – Red/White/Red

Game 8 – K-State

Bill Snyder hated red. Wear as much of it as possible. I can’t express this enough. A combination that has been used in promos that personally I would love to see on the field is Red/Red/White. This is definitely the game to use it in my opinion, however, I wouldn’t be surprised if they tried to throw some blue in there as well.

Official Prediction – Red/Blue/Red

What I Want – Red/Red/White

Game 9 – Baylor

As we get later into the season, the uniform combinations seem to get crazier and crazier. Once again, Baylor is a great team to utilize the full team color scheme. One of the most frequently used uniform combinations in the promos this year has been the Blue/Red/Blue. This has been worn one time, back in 2009. It’s a solid look and we seem to use red a lot late in the season.

Official Prediction – Blue/Red/Blue

What I Want – Blue/Red/Blue

Game 10 – Texas

Texas never changes. They will always have the same uniforms. They have some of the most classic uniforms in college football. What goes great against Burnt Orange? Blue. A lot of it. This is the best time we have to use as much blue as possible on the road, but somehow, we’ll manage to not do it. Last season we wore the red uniforms to simulate the orange bowl throwbacks from 2007. I wouldn’t be surprised if we went for the away version of that look.

Official Prediction – Blue/White/Grey

What I Want – Blue/White/Blue

Game 11 – Oklahoma

Once again, the sooners never change. The final home game of the season against the Sooner’s white and maroon sets up perfectly for Kansas to finish with a lot of blue. There’s one combination left that is used quite often now that hasn’t been included. This is the Blue/Blue/Grey combination. This counters Oklahoma perfectly with a chance to be a very clean looking game. Senior day is a perfect chance to end the home season with our main color.

Official Prediction – Blue/Blue/Grey

What I Want – Blue/Blue/Grey

Game 12 – Oklahoma State

The final game of the season. A road trip to Stillwater sets up for a great contrasting game. Oklahoma State likes to wear black/grey against us, so I wouldn’t expect that to change here. I fully expect the all white storm trooper look here, however, I would love to see some color thrown in to finish the 2017 campaign.

Official Prediction – White/White/White

What I Want – Blue/White/Red

I will check back on this after week 6, and at the end of the season to see how my predictions turned out. Check in September 2nd to see if my Game 1 results were correct! Rock Chalk

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