2017 NBA Draft Review

If you aren’t already aware, the NBA Draft just took place last week. I’m sure everyone already knows what happened but I’d like to add my two cents. With the 4th overall pick, the Phoenix Suns drafted our favorite little troublemaker, Josh Jackson. Some were surprised that he was passed over by the Boston Celtics, but as the draft got closer it became more evident that Josh to PHX was a very good possibility.

Personally, I wanted Jackson to land in Phoenix over all of the other possible destinations in the Top 5. This seems to be a good fit for him, and with a backcourt including former Kentucky Wildcat Devin Booker, and Josh Jackson, Phoenix might be able to compete in the near future once the leaders of the Western Conference start to fall from Grace. I really have nothing bad to say about this draft pick.

Unanimous NPOY Frank Mason was also selected in the 2017 NBA Draft. He will be joining the Sacramento Kings after being taken with the 34th pick. On paper, it looks like Sacramento was one of the winners of the night. De ’Aaron Fox (Kentucky), Frank Mason III, and Justin Jackson (North Carolina) will be joining Buddy Hield, Willie Cauley-Stein, and Rudy Gay in Sac-Town and attempt to compete in the West with teams like Golden State, San Antonio, and Houston. It’s a pretty tall order.

I hope that Sacramento finally has the pieces to be a contender because up to this moment, they have shown no reason to think that they are a good landing spot. I think Frank to the Spurs would have been the best place for him, but that’s not quite how it played out.

Another key moment in this draft was when Jimmy Butler was traded to Minnesota. Here’s how it affects KU. Remember Andrew Wiggins? Well if you don’t know, he’s very good at basketball. Andrew Wiggins may be on his way to being a regular All-Star, and now with Jimmy Butler joining, there’s absolutely no reason that another Jayhawk has a chance at a deep run in the playoffs.

Draft night is weird and this year didn’t stray from that tradition, obviously there are winners and losers for the draft, but as far as the University of Kansas goes, I’d say it was a pretty successful draft.

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